What vaccinations are required for my dog to attend daycare?

We require current Rabies , Distemper and Bortedella (Kennel Cough). Dogs should also be current on their Heartworm medication & Professional Flea & Tick Preventative. Upon pre-registration, our staff will contact your vet's office for all health records.

What types of dogs can attend daycare? Puppies? Shy dogs?

Daycare is meant to offer dogs a quality socialization experience. Therefore it's important that we have a diversity of personalities. We love having puppies in our groups. They bring energy to the play floor and many of the older dogs find enjoyment in working with them and teaching them new things. Shy dogs do extremely well in our setting since it is low volume and regimented so the dog feels safe and secure. Many dogs who didn't do well in traditional daycare settings have thrived with us.

What are your hours?

Hours may change with the seasons. Currently, our hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 6pm as follows: 7 AM – 9 AM Parent Drop Off 9 AM – 12 PM Group Play Time 12 PM – 1 PM Lunch / Rest Break 1 PM – 4 PM Group Play Time 4 PM – 6 PM Parent Pick Up

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa, Amex and personal check. A $35 fee will apply for a returned check.

Why are the play hours structured? Can't the dogs just play all day and come and go as they please?

The old daycare ideology allowed for dogs to be added in to the playgroup and moved out of the playgroup at random times. Although this seems harmless, it creates a dangerous and stressful situation on the play floor for the pack. Much like when a child arrives late in school, the late arrival dogs can be picked on or feel nervous because they are forced to quickly acclimate themselves into an established pack of dogs. It's important for dogs to start socializing together slowly and without interruption. The same applies to ending the play time. If dogs are constantly removed from the group, it increases the packs anxiety and lowers the quality of socialization. Our daycare pack plays efficiently and confidently during their play periods due to our No Interruption Policy.

How can I tell if my dog will be good in daycare?

Our screening process is completely free. It lasts one day, during which we will work closely with your dog and introduce them to the pack. If we feel that the daycare environment is stressful for your dog and isn't a good fit, we will let you know.

Is there paperwork to fill out?

Yes. First you must pre-register your dog. Once you arrive on your first scheduled day, plan on spending approximately 20 minutes filling out paperwork and reviewing the policies and procedures. Our staff will contact your vet's office to verify all vaccinations.

Does my dog need to come every day?

No. Many parents give their dog the enrichment of socialization 1-3 days per week. Even with a consistent weekly visit, you are allowing your dog to enhance their life.

Do the dogs stay overnight?

No. One reason parents choose our group setting is that we don't have boarding dogs in the same facility. No matter how fun the situation and generous the amenities, dogs that are away from their pack are stressed. We do not believe in combining dogs that are in a current boarding situation with dogs who are seeking a casual play date. By adhering to this practice our play floor stays calmer and healthier.

Will my dog leave smelly?

No! As small dog owners ourselves, we understand the investment of grooming. We did not want to create an environment where your dogs would be exposed to water, urine and other debris. Our play floors are kept sparkling clean. All mess is immediately removed & surfaces sanitized. There are specialized drainage systems which eradicate the chance for your dog steping in puddles. Our elimination yard is designed with the Western New York climate in mind. Your dog will stay clean and dry during their visit.

Is my dog ever left alone?

No. There is always someone here with your dog at the facility. The play room has “Trust View” HD Cameras so you are able to keep an eye on your dog when they are with us too!

Can my dog have a snack?

Yes. Bring your dog's food in a baggy labled with their name. Some dogs have an entire meal, other dogs are just sent with a small treat. It's important that your dog's blood sugar is kept up during their play visit, so one is recommended. Feeding takes place during their break time from 12 PM – 1 PM.

Is there fresh water available for my dog?

Unlimited fresh water is always available for your dogs during play time.

What do I bring with my dog?

We suggest a snack. We can't accept any toys, blankets or clothing. All leashes are to be removed by parents and taken with them. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Doggie Daycare Frequently-Asked Questions

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