Pet Grooming Options

We are proud to offer WNY's only human-grade pet spa to spoil, treat and pamper your pet by the area's most experienced, gentle and loving groomers! Choose one of our pampering packages below or contact us to talk to a stylist. At Oh My Dog! Daycare and Grooming Spa, the comfort of your pet is our top priority. We care for all breeds and all sizes, both canine and feline!


Basic Grooming Package

Includes a warm bath with standard tearless shampoo, blow dry, pre and post-bath brush out/rake, nail trim, pH-balancing ear cleaning (plucking upon request), and finishing spray/cologne combo.

Basic Smooth-Coated Baths

Basic Groom for Longer Coats

S -    $35

SM - $40

M -   $45

L -    $50

XL -  $55

G -    $70 & Up


Thicker coats (single only) an additional $5 and up

Includes haircuts & double-coated breeds

S -    $60

SM - $65

M -   $70

L -    $80

XL -  $95

G -    $115 & Up


Additional charge for matting, thick coats, packed undercoat, and additional work may apply


Enhance the quality of your pet's grooming with one of our solution-based packages.


Just $16

A $25 value

  • Premium Shampoo

  • Skin & Coat Conditioner

  • Stain & Odor Removing Cotton Facial

  • Les Pooch Finishing Spray - smell better for longer!

  • Bandana or Bow


  • Premium Shampoo

  • Skin & Coat Conditioner

  • Stain & Odor Removing Cotton Facial

  • Les Pooch Finishing Spray

  • Bandana or Bow

  • Teeth Cleaning & Breath Freshening

Just $21

A $42 value


  • Premium Shampoo

  • Skin & Coat Conditioner

  • Stain & Odor Removing  Facial

  • Les Pooch Finishing Spray

  • Bandana or Bow

  • Teeth Cleaning & Breath Freshening

  • Smooth Edge Nail File

  • Burt's Bees Pad & Nose Protection

Just $27

A $58 value


  • Les Pooch VIP Shampoo

  • Les Pooch VIP Skin & Coat Conditioner

  • Stain & Odor Removal Cotton Fresh Facial

  • VIP Les Pooch Finishing Spray

  • Bandana or Bow

  • Teeth Cleaning & Breath Freshening

  • Paw & Nose Protection

  • Smooth Edge Nail File

  • Hot Towel Masque

  • Custom Color Accent or Stencil

Just $60

A $90 value

Discover the


Oh My Dog! Grooming Spa is not your average groomer.  We are WNY's first human-grade dog spa, offering the most passionate pet groomers, the finest bath products, the latest techniques and the best facility in the Buffalo area.  We treat every pet like it was our own!


Discover the difference:


Experienced, gentle groomers

We hire only the most talented, experienced groomers in our area.  Every groomer has at least 10 years of experience, ensuring that your pet will not become a test case for a novice groomer.


Phermone-free facility

To ensure a calm and non-aggressive environment, we do NOT accept dogs that are not spayed/neutered by the age of 6 months; particularly beneficial for difficult or aggressive dogs.


Sedation-free grooming

A natural and safe environment for your pet ensures that no sedation is necessary.



No machines are used to wash your pet, only soothing hand-washing to calm and relax him.


Warm, soothing bath

We are the only dog grooming facility in Western New York that uses  tankless water technology, so every dog gets a warm bath every time.


Personalized service

One stylist will handle your pet from start to finish, with no hand-offs.


Low volume

Our stylists work on a maximum of 6 pets per day, ensuring each one the personal attention to detail he deserves.


All natural products

High quality products commonly used with show dogs.



We maintain a clean and sanitary environment at all times.

YES, we groom

cats too!

Our Cat Technicians each have over a decade of experience grooming cats.  We offer wet and dry baths, de-matting, haircuts, lion cuts, shavedowns and nail trims.  Please call 716 957 3103 for more information.


Appointments are required for all cat services; no walk-ins, please!  Prices may vary based on your cat's temperament.


Bath or Grooming Options

Just $10 each

Mix & Match to build a custom groom for your dog!

Premium Shampoo

(choice of Whitening, Fresh Scent, Stay Clean, or Dry Skin Soothing)

Skin & Coat Conditioner

Cotton Fresh Stain & Odor Reducing Facial

Smooth Edge Nail File

Teeth Cleaning & Breath Freshener

Anal Gland Expression

Flea Funeral $20-S, $40-L

De-skunking $40-S, $50 and up-L


Pattern Cuts - $10 and up

Clean Face / Feet - $10 each

Hand Scissoring - $10

Herding & Retrieving Non Traditional Cut - $15 and up

Take $20 OFF for a Non-Shedding Breed Bath & Fluff (includes pads shaved out, ears plucked and sanitary trim)

What Size is My Dog?

Small - 1 to 19 lbs.

Small-Medium - 20 to 34 lbs.

Medium - 35 to 54 lbs.

Large - 55 to 79 lbs.

Extra Large - 80 to 100 lbs.

Giant - over 100 lbs.

For More Information

Have questions about the dog or cat grooming process or facilities at Oh My Dog! Grooming Spa? Follow one of these links for more information, or contact us using this form.


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