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Pet Grooming Registration 

In order to facilitate your visit, please complete the form below to register your pet prior to his first grooming service at Oh My Dog! Daycare & Grooming Spa.


Feel free to contact us at 957-3103 if you have any questions.

Grooming Registration
By submitting this form, I certify that all information provided is correct and to the best of my knowledge. I am aware that grooming pricing is an estimate and may change due to behavior, condition and other variables. I understand that Oh My Dog Daycare, Inc. has the right to refuse service to animals that are aggressive or in need of veterinary care.
Dog's Gender

All dogs should have the Bortedella Vaccination. Although this doesn’t guarantee your dog won't contract kennel cough, it is an excellent preventative. Oh My Dog does their best to maintain a sanitary environment, however there is always a risk of infection when your dog is in the same area as other animals. 

Please indicate if your pet has any of the following:
Have you been told your pet is uncooperative during grooming?
Please check any issues your dog may be currently experiencing (select all that apply):
Is your dog aggressive with other dogs or people?
Is your dog able to be crated?
Is your dog skittish or shy?
Upload a picture of your dog

Thanks for registering your dog with Oh My Dog! We will be in touch very soon!

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