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Meet the Staff

Danielle, Oh My Dog Grooming Specialist


Grooming Specialist

    Danielle, Oh My Dog Grooming Specialist


    Certified Professional Groomer

      Danielle is a highly experienced groomer with over 14 years of experience. She has worked with Oh My Dog since summer of 2014. She is best known for her quiet and calm demeanor which is helpful for animals which have anxiety or have special needs.


      How did you get started grooming?

      Ever since I was a young child I have loved being around animals. I was completely fascinated with making animals feel comfortable and giving them the best environment possible. In high school I attended a vocational program for dog grooming and loved it.


      Do you have any pets of your own?

      I do! My 5 year old Pitbull named "Jade".


      What do you love most about coming to work?

      Making cats & dogs look beautiful!


      What’s your favorite color?

      Green. It's also my birthstone!


      What do you consider to be your forte?


      Meet Taylor! Taylor has been grooming for over 5 years. She is certified and has groomed over 7,000 dogs. Our customers love Taylor's cheerful and outgoing personality. She does a consistent job every groom with skilled, professional detail.

      Lindsay, Oh My Dog Grooming Specialist


      Grooming Specialist

        Lindsay is a highly experienced groomer with over 15 years of experience. She has worked with Oh My Dog since Spring 2014. Customers appreciate her consistency and professionalism. Her attention to detail and ability to communicate with both customers and pets make her our most requested groomer!


        Do you have any pets of your own?

        I've owned Shelties all my life. Currently I have 2 smooth coat Chihuahuas named Isabella

        and Selena.


        What do you love most about coming to work?

        Getting to see all the dogs. I love working with the pet parents too. It makes me so happy

        to see how pleased they are when their dogs are finished.


        What’s your favorite color?



        What do you consider to be your forte?

        Definitely Shelties and other herding breeds. I love working with Giant Breeds as well.

        LeToya, Oh My Dog Grooming Specialist


        Daycare Manager

          Originally from the Syracuse region, Dana joined our team in the Summer of 2016. Previously she worked in a large commercial pet care center. She enjoys the intimate setting provided by our small dog setting. Having grown up with a Cairn Terrier, when Dana relocated to WNY, she greatly missed having a dog in her household. Working with dogs everyday gives her the opportunity to fill that missing spot in her life and provide each of our guests with the best in love & care!

          Want to join our team?

          If you have a passion for animals and at least two years of experiencing in the pet grooming industry, consider joining WNY's only spa-quality dog grooming salon and daycare!

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