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Dog Training

Oh My Dog has been offering quality puppy and dog training programs in Western New York since 2008. Our newly remodeled facility in Amherst is sparkling clean, climate controlled and offers the perfect setting for your dog and your family to take their classes. Our experienced and certified training staff look forward to working with you and your pet!


We currently offer both dog training and puppy training classes. Please read the class descriptions below and decide which is better suited to your pet.

Perfect Start Puppy Training

This class is designed for puppies between the ages of 10 weeks and 5 months.


Puppy classes serve as the foundation for life long learning and responsible pet ownership. Often being a new pet parent can be overwhelming and we are here to coach you through this exciting time. We discuss potty training, crate training and feeding schedules. Socialization with both humans from outside the pack and other puppies is a part of each class.  Walking on a leash, basic manners and the introduction of cues (ie: stay, come, sit) are also covered. This is a special time and our trainer is here to work with you and your puppy one on one due to our very small class sizes.


Class duration is 6 weeks. Current class schedule is as follows:


6PM Wednesdays - classes coming soon!



Additional class dates will be announced here. Please check back!

Basic Training 101

This class is designed for dogs 5 months and up with limited or no knowledge of training.


Because your dog is now at an age where they are easily distracted its important they quickly learn coming when called, proper leash walking and basic commands (sit stay come). Daily schedules including proper exercise habits & techniques along with feeding are discussed. Manners along with problem solving are integrated into each class. Because each class size is small your trainer can work closely with each student customizing exercises for their specific needs. You and your family will be thrilled with the results and your pup will feel like a proud member of the pack with their new skills.


Class duration is 6 weeks. Current class schedule is as follows:


6-7pm Wednesdays

Additional class dates will be announced here. Please check back!

Meet the Trainer

Hello, my name is

Danielle Turner! 


I have been a part

of the Oh My Dog

team since July



I began working with dogs professionally in 2003, and hold a Professional Certification in Dog Grooming along with an A.A.S. degree in Animal Management.   


I've trained dogs for over a decade. I love working with people as well, and have a knack for being able to present even the most technical information in layman’s terms.


Training can and should be fun. As a dog owner, it's important to be able to assert yourself as a leader. With today’s busy schedules and interruptions, that can be tricky for many families. I am here to work with you and your dog to customize a program that will work for your lifestyle!

Oh My Dog Certified Pet Trainer

Dog Training FAQ

What is the class structure?  

Classes are 1 hour long and take place over 6 weeks.


We know your time is valuable and have designed our classes to be highly efficient and get you and your dog on the fast track to learning. All registration, payment & information is obtained prior to class so from the first day we start teaching. Your trainer will review in advance your dog's information and background along with any of your concerns so classes will be customized towards the needs of the group.


How is the training conducted?

Our training programs utilize positive reinforcement, using food as a reward. It is important that your dog arrives with an appetite! Do not completely withhold food from your dog prior to coming due to blood sugar reasons, but make sure they arrive ready to work for a treat!


Additionally, training class is designed to give you, the human, guidelines in order to train your dog. It is imperative that you work with your dog at home on a daily basis for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. This can be split up, and your trainer will be able to suggest fun and easy ways to integrate training practices into your family's everyday routine.


How do I best prepare my dog for class?

Daily exercise & stimulation is important. You will not be able to focus your dog on the lesson work if they haven't had proper exercise throughout the week. Its important they are being walked daily or attending a playgroup or daycare.


How many dogs are in class?

We can accommodate up to 6 dogs per class.


How much do classes cost?

Classes are $99 plus 8.75% NYS Sales Tax.


What should I bring to class?

All participants should bring a well fitted collar, 6-foot non retractable leash and high value treats, chopped into small pieces. These can range from a chopped up hotdog, mozzarella cheese or training treats. For your convenience, Oh My Dog offers high quality and affordable collars and leashes along with training treats available for purchase prior to the start of class.


Who can attend?

Everyone is invited to attend, however children must be able to pay attention to the class which lasts the duration of 1 hour. It's important those attending are able to attend all of the classes so there is a consistent team working with the dog.


What vaccinations and criteria  are required?

We require that puppies are current on their puppy shots. All dogs must be current on their Bortedella Vaccination and be on a Flea preventative. All dogs over 6 months must be current on their Rabies & Distempter Vaccines. Dogs over 7 months of age must be spayed/neutered.


Which class is best for my dog?

Perfect Start Puppy is only for dogs who are 5 months or less at the start date of class. Basic Training 101 is for dogs that are over the age of 5 months. Please note if your dog is aggressive towards humans or other dogs. we do not offer training for them at this time. We can suggest alternative trainers and programs for you.


What if my dog is ill?

If your dog has any of the following: a cough, colored eye discharge, runny stool or vomiting, please do not bring them to class. If you can't attend class, please call your trainer and let them know.


Can I get a refund if I am not able to make all of the classes?

Unfortunately, class fees are non-refundable. There are no exceptions.

Read our Training FAQ
Meet the Trainer
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